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Uluru rock, Northern Territory, Australia

Giant echidna, Wau, Papua New Guinea

Proboscis monkey, Bronx zoo (Range: Borneo)

Black-capped lory, Bronx Zoo (Range: New Guinea)

Dipterocarp tree, Gunung Palung National Park,
Kalimantan Borneo, Indonesia

Blyth's hornbill (Kokomo), Wau, Papua New Guinea

Twin Falls, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Matchie's tree kangaroo, Bronx zoo
(Range: Huon Peninsula, New Guinea)

Pig-tailed macaque, Singapore

Reticulated python, Irian Jaya, Indonesia (western New Guinea)


Lava flowing from Kilauea volcano, Hawaii Island

Lava river

Lava meets the ocean


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