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PARC, room 2630
phone: (650) 812-4365
fax: (650) 812-4374
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Current Activities

Some Recent Work

Formal Approaches to Modality (with Stefan Kaufmann and Valentina Harizanov). In W. Frawley (ed.). The Expression of Modality, 72-106. Mouton-de Gruyter, 2006.

Temporal Interpretation of Modals: Modals for the Present and for the Past. In D. Beaver, S, Kaufmann, B. Clark and L. Casillas (eds.) The Construction of Meaning, 59-88. CSLI Publications, 2002.

Moods and Modalities for Will and Would. Handout of talk presented at the Amsterdam Colloquium, December 2003.

Punctual Until as a Scalar NPI. In K. Hanson and S. Inkelas (eds.) The Nature of the Word. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2008.

A Uniform Analysis of Before and After. (with David Beaver). Semantics and Linguistic Theory XIII, 37-54, 2003.

Aspect Shifts in Indo-Aryan. (with Ashwini Deo). In Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Linguistics. Seoul, Korea, 2008.

Measurement and Intensionality in the Semantics of the Progressive. Handout of talks presented at Yale University, April 2009, Kyoto University, September 2009, University of Texas at Austin, November 2009.

(Joint work with Sven Lauer)

Performing A Wish: Desiderative Assertions and Performativity (with Sven Lauer). Handout of talk presented at California Universities Semantics and Pragmatics (CUSP) 2, University of California at Santa Cruz, November 2009.

Imperatives and Public Commitments (with Sven Lauer). Handout of talk presented at the 11th Annual Semantics Fest, Stanford University, March 2010.

Speaking of Preferences: Imperative and Desiderative Assertions in Context (with Sven Lauer). Speaking of Possibility and Time: The 7th Workshop on Inferential Mechanisms and their Linguistic Manifestation. University of Göttingen, Germany, June 2010.

Not Knowing or Caring Who. Extended handout of talks presented at the Workshop on Context and Content, MIT/Harvard, July 2005 and at UC-Santa Cruz, November 2005.

(Joint work with David Beaver)

An Event Free Neo-Davidsonian Syntax-Semantics Interface (with David Beaver). Slides of talks presented at Events '04, University of Leipzig, March 2004 and at PARC, August, 2004.

On the Logic of Verbal Modification (with David Beaver). In Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium, 2007.

Tracking Jespersen's cycle (with Paul Kiparsky). In Janse, M., B.D. Joseph, and A. Ralli (eds.) Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory. Mytilene: Doukas, 2006.

Jespersen's Cycle: The Argument Phase (with Paul Kiparsky). Handout of talk presented at the Stanford Semfest, March 2005.

Counting Concepts (with Richard Crouch and Martin van den Berg.) In R. van Rooy and M. Stokhof, (eds.) Proceedings of the Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium, 67-72. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam, 2001.

Clitics and clause structure: The Late Medieval Greek system. (with Paul Kiparsky) Journal of Greek Linguistics, 5: 159-183, 2004.

Clitics and Clause Structure (with Paul Kiparsky). Journal of Greek Linguistics, 2:1-39, 2002.

Computing Relative Polarity for Textual Inference (with Rowan Nairn and Lauri Karttunen). Inference in Computational Semantics 5 ( ICoS-5), 2006.

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