Mt. Diablo, Boy Scout Rocks

This is one of the best toproping areas in the Bay Area. The routes here range in height from 20 to 90 feet. There are several good cracks here. Limited bouldering is available up the road at the City of Rocks. The rock is sandstone but it has a different character than Castle Rock State Park in the South Bay. It is softer and can be very gritty in the rainy months. It is important not to climb here after it has rained because the rock loses strength when it is wet. Bring 3/8" bolt hangers and long slings to extend your ropes when toproping.

The main climbing rocks were on Boy Scout property until the land was purchased by the state in the fall of 1988. Climbing was prohibited on park property until a new management changed that policy. Continued climbing here requires that the climbing community police itself before the park management gets involved by closing climbing areas. See the introduction (pg 2) on low impact climbing. Due to the large amount of use of this area, erosion and the accumulation of trash can become a problem. The trail leading to the lower tier is undergoing serious erosion. Local climbers should lead the way in solving that problem with steps or rerouting trails after discussing the situation with park staff.