Needles Rock Climbing

(California, Sequoia National Forest)

Before trying to wade through the information on this page, I recommend
Alexander Cooper's Needles Mini Guide
for its beautiful set of topos and route descriptions for most Needles routes.
I have linked a few of these topos below, but he has many more.
We hope to do more "research" and add further topos and updates to our pages!


Route lists

  • updated 1/25/08: corrected The Seven Year Itch - route name on Sorcerer's Apprentice, FA info, topo
  • updated 11/9/06: added Shikata Ga Nai, Road to Perdition
  • updated 6/23/06: added routes from E.C. Joe and Dick Leversee guide, added first ascent info
  • updated 9/3/05: added some new routes
  • updated 7/26: adding all routes from MVP guide, plus newer routes


  • added 9/09: road maps from google maps
  • added 7/21/05: new area map (properly scaled, based on aerial photo)
  • updated 6/17: JH maps split into 2 pages
  • added 6/16: USGS topo maps, USFS road map, aerial photo

    Topos and Overlays

    Many of these topos are adapted from the Rock&Ice guide of 11/87 (VM), using the Lechlinski/Vernon corrections of 1/88. Many others were drawn by E.C. Joe.
  • updated 2/15/15: corrected links to E.C. Joe's new site
  • updated 11/4/12: new Voodoo Dome overlays - WPOD, The Emperor, Summer Sojourn
  • updated 8/30/08: corrected links to Alexander Cooper's topos
  • updated 8/30/07: Warlock NE Face topo - rappel from top to Howling chains is more than 100'
  • updated 4/9/07: added links to several of Alexander Cooper's topos, corrected links to E.C. Joe's new site
  • added 9/2/06: Warlock E Face Right topo, Warlock NE Face topo, Witch E Face topo
  • added 9/2/05: Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • updated 7/26: rotated Magician, Demon photos to landscape mode
  • added 7/21: enlarged Liquid Sky/Harlem Shuffle topos
  • added 7/21: enlarged West Side Story/Double Trouble topos
  • updated 7/21: corrected Wailing Banshees rating
  • updated 7/21: corrected White Punks on Dope rappel route
  • updated 6/17: enlarged Necromancer
  • added 6/15: Strange Brew, Voodoo Chile, Crossbones
  • The Hermit Mark & Susan Robinson's 1992 routes