Peninsula Coin Club

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NOTE: this page is not being maintained often, but the club is still quite active. Meetings and the newsletters are available on the yahoo groups website:


Club Officers (2011)

Bulletin / Dues

Our monthly bulletin is mailed about a week before each meeting. You can read the current issue online at our yahoo group: Annual dues: Adults - $12 (mailed) or $2 (emailed), Youth - $1 (mailed). Due in April each year. A Life Membership is available for $100.

Peninsula Coin Show (annual)

Medals (annual)

Every year we produce a new medal, in silver (for prepaid orders), and in bronze (quantity 500-1000, for use with raffle tickets at our Coin Show, and for sale anytime). Silver medals can be ordered by the general public until the end of April, for $20 plus $3.50 insured shipping. Delivery is in June/July.

In 2000, we minted 15 extra silver medals, for sale to the general public ($20 + $3.50 shipping). 14 are still available as of 2/12/01.

Medals the club has produced

Annual Medal Schedule

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