Pinnacles Rebolting

This is an attempt to list a few of the Pinnacles routes where the original bolts have been replaced with new ones, and where chains have been added to avoid unsightly and dangerously rotted slings. The Friends of Pinnacles ("FOP") have been involved in much of this work. They are careful to ask permission of the first ascent party, and have developed some good methods for bolt removal and replacement. Of course, even though the new bolts are better than the old, Pinnacles rock is imperfect, so always use them at your own risk!

Detailed list of all replaced bolts, added chains, removed extraneous bolts, and replaced hangers performed by Friends of Pinnacles (last updated 11/17/06).

Bad bolt list - nominate a bad bolt for replacement

Route restoration guidelines by Larry Arthur

Brief list of recent rebolting efforts

Some of the most active FOP members in these rebolting projects have been Bruce Hildenbrand, Brooks White, Seizo Sakurai, Kelly Rich, and David Rubine.

What can go wrong when a bolt (or the rock!) fails

Here's an interesting story of a
wild fall and bolt/rock failure on the Monolith Regular Route, from back in 1972. It was posted on the rec.climbing newsgroup in July 2000.

Rebolting Links

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