U.S. Coin Quantities Minted

These are comprehensive tables of quantities minted (both business strike and proof) and rough retail prices of U.S. coins from 1787-date. Notes on the purpose, fields, sources, etc. of this project. [Last updated: 10/00 -- all denominations and commemoratives updated]

Other quantity/price info, by denomination. (specialty dealers and price guides).

q.zip Contains q.csv, a "Comma Separated Value" file with the above mintage data, by denomination. This is readable by Excel and database programs like Access. Created 1/1999. Further details on the contents of q.csv .

Extensions to Breen's Encyclopedia

I've always liked Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of United States and Colonial Coins (1988). It would be an interesting project to provide organized updates to his book. Some of the above information on quantities minted for coins since 1988 does this. His numbering system could be extended explicitly, though. The scope of the project could be a lifetime's work, so it is only feasible to work on small parts of it. Below are some small extensions, indexed by Breen's numbering system.