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Nano/Micro Cantilever Biosensors
nanocantilever cantilever-bacteria
Microfabrication and Nanotechnology can be used to fabricate both active and passive sensing devices that are ultasensitive, densely packed, cheap and either for single use or for long term repeated use.  We have been utlizing some of these sensing modalities inconjunction with bio-inspired concepts to detect biomolecules as shown below. The targeted biomedical need areas for these sensors include the detection of infectious agents and diseases, in particular cancer, in clinically relevant samples.
Detection of single vacciniavirus mass and the schematics of the process.pox2 cantilever
Detection of chnages in the mass of living cells.
Before and after the load on the cantilever resonance is determined and the shift in the resonance frequency is used to calculate the mass of the biological entity.
mass_sensingCantilever simulation.