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November 21, 1996

The Honorable_____________________(Name of your Senator or Representative) U.S. Senate (or U.S. House of Representatives if writing to your rep) Washington, DC 20510 (or 20515 for the House of Representatives)

Dear Senator_________________(Last name of your Senator, or Dear Congressman/woman for your rep)

Sleep disorders and public ignorance about sleep cause great suffering, misery and cost in our society. Since science has yet to understand the full impact of sleep disorders on our society, I am urging you to learn more about sleep disorders and to support The National Center on Sleep Disorders Research that was formed in 1993.

Sleep Research must have the support of Congress if it is to relieve the suffering caused by sleep problems. Therefore, sleep professionals, patients and policy makers must cooperate to make the mysteries of sleep understood as a fundamental biological process and make it a top health priority.

(Briefly tell your personal story and/or plea for their attention on a sleep issue)

Please respond to my letter. I am interested in providing information or answering questions you might have. Sleep Disorders are an epidemic in American Society and now is a good time for our national representatives to concentrate on this issue.

Thank you very much for your attention.


(Your name and address)

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