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"Now I lay me down not to sleep.
I just get tangled in the sheets.
I swim in sweat three inches deep.
I just lay back and claim defeat...
Lids down, I count sheep.
I count heartbeats.
The only thing that counts is that
I won't sleep...My mind is racing,
filled with lists of things to do
and things I've done.
Another sleepless night's begun..."

Who Needs Sleep? Song By Barenaked Ladies

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What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is difficulty in initiating and/or maintaining sleep. It is a term that is used often to indicate any and all stages and types of sleep loss. Insomnia is not a disorder, it is a symptom.

There are different kinds of insomnia:

How is insomnia treated?

Each case of insomnia is tailored for that particular person's needs. Methods used for treatment include behavioral modification, following good sleep hygiene practices, light therapy, and occasionally medication is prescribed for a short period of time.

Insomnia Articles and Links

Attention Insomniacs: Stanford group therapy program aims to put insomniacs to sleep. The Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic has launched the first group therapy program for insomnia in the U.S.A. (7/14/99)

Using Light Therapy to Treat Insomnia - University of California at San Diego

Trouble Sleeping? The Cause May Require Treatment - Arkansas Department of Health News

Sick & Tired of Surfing Yourself to Sleep? - Sympatico: Healthway: Counting Sheep

Sleep/Insomnia Program - Recognizing the huge numbers of people who suffer from sleep problems, this site has help for insomnia, curious insomnia cures, and sleep information resource links.

Insomnia: The Causes and Cures - Women Alive

Trouble Sleeping? Chill Out! - A press release from the journal Sleep

In Pursuit of Sleep - Experts say stick to the basics

Insomnia - Just Go to Sleep and Forget About It!

Psychopharmacology: Insomnia & Its Treatment - Healthline Magazine

Mayo Clinic Health Letter -- Overcoming Insomnia

CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service - Insomnia

Symptoms of Primary Insomnia

Sleepless in Cyberspace-- This page is from Oslo, Norway for anyone who has ever found themselves unable to go to sleep at one time or another, or all the time! A short list of things to do to help you get to sleep and humorous comments about each suggestion. The page is under construction.

Topics in Primary Care - Insomnia- Short summary of what things can cause insomnia.

The Book Well - Some suggested books to read about insomnia.

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