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Updated August 5, 1999

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Stanford Researchers Nab Narcolepsy Gene For Sleep Disorders - Press Release (8/5/99)

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Since The Sleep Well gets a lot of requests for help in writing school papers and from the media about certain studies, we are providing this page to assist you in researching your particular request. These are the resources we use to find information we want. So you will have to search for what you need, just like the rest of us. Follow the directions for use at each web site.

You may only be able to find an abstract on the desired paper. Ways to obtain the full text of a paper:

These are resources that catalog just sleep-related papers:

These resources catalog all medical papers:

  • Grateful Med -- Accesses the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Wonderful for finding studies on sleep disorders, etc. Internet Grateful Med (IGM) now searches MEDLINEŽ using the retrieval engine of NLM's PubMed system. The default MEDLINE search is 1966 to the present and includes PREMEDLINE. This version of IGM takes advantage of PubMed's ability to see related articles and link to the full text of participating online journals.

  • WebMedLit currently tracks 22 medical journals and provides easy acess to them. Search by keyword or browse through specific topics.


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    Other Resources


    What is Sleep?

    How much sleep do we need?

    Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS)

    The Biological Clock and Circadian Rhythms

    Sleep Deprivation/Sleep Debt

    Sleep Disorders

    Treatment of Sleep Disorders



    The Stages of Sleep

    History of Sleep


    Wake Up America: A National Sleep Alert/National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research



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