MAY 1999

The Father of Sleep Medicine, Dr. William Dement will host an online conference, Thursday, May 20, 10 pm EDT! During the online conference he will discuss how to get a good night's sleep and answer questions from participants.

This Web-based event is hosted by, a division of iVillage: The Women's Network (, in cooperation with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). Mark your calendar to log on to betterhealth and check out this online event!

Better Health is also adding more sleep resources to its site, and will also include Dr. Dement in its popular "Ask the Expert" section. Responses to select sleep questions submitted by Internet users will be published, and Dr. Dement will respond to up to four questions a month. (5/20/99)

MARCH 1999

  • Walla Walla, Washington has some exciting activities planned for the National Sleep Awareness Week! (3/17/99)

  • The National Sleep Awareness Week is March 29 - April 4, 1999. The National Sleep Foundation sponsors this annual event. Find out what is happening that week!

    FEBRUARY 1999

  • Parents Against Tired Truckers (PATT) is to host a National Symposium on reducing truck driver fatigue in February. Truck crash fatality rate climbs to 4.1% as driving a truck remains most dangerous profession in the USA for third consecutive year.

    DECEMBER 1998

  • The web site Healthology is featuring Sleep Disorders, Getting the Sleep You Need: What You Can Do About Restless Nights & Sleepy Days for the month of December. There are articles, RealAudio broadcasts with sleep specialists, a Community Bulletin Board and more. (12/8/98)

    NOVEMBER 1998

  • The FDA has approved the use of Somnoplasty for the treatment of sleep apnea. (11/5/98)

    OCTOBER 1998

  • On Thursday, October 29, 1998, The Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-95) will blast off with former Astronaut John Glenn among its crew and will be studying among other things, the effects of spaceflight on astronaut sleeping patterns. Check out the countdown to launch web site too!

    The Sleep-2 experiment will evaluate the normal sleep patterns of crew members before, during, and after space flight in order to identify the factors that may be contributing to sleep disturbances that are known to occur during space flight. This experiment will also perform a preliminary evaluation of the effectiveness of the pineal hormone melatonin as a hypnotic during space flight. Crew activities include donning the sleep gear and manual testing of alertness during several flight days, as well as providing and processing urine samples.

  • The Results of the National Sleep Foundation's Poll on Women and Sleep is now available. (10/23/98)

    SEPTEMBER 1998

  • Early to Bed, Early to Rise? Stanford researchers and collaborators find evidence in our genes that determines if we are a day person or night person. Are you an owl or a lark? (9/22/98)

  • Read the results of a study reported in the journal Pediatrics of children and school performance: Sleep Problems May Lower Child’s Grades. (9/10/98)

    JUNE 1998

  • The Sleep Well Web Site was featured in the At Health's weekly Newsletter which featured Sleep Disorders as its theme. (6/5/98)

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