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Dr. William C. Dement, one of the world's foremost authorities on sleep, isn't one to mince words. "I must, at the outset, communicate my possibly unique bias," he writes in The Sleepwatchers. "Sleep is more important and worthy of study than wakefulness."

With passion and perspective, Bill Dement--who is, according to a recent citation from the National Institutes of Health, "more than any other individual, responsible for the creation of a modern, viable field of sleep research"--serves up a gumbo of zany anecdotes, significant findings, and the random musings of a scientist at work.

The Sleepwatchers--provocative, offbeat, informative. Read about the:

SOME QUOTES FROM The Sleepwatchers:

On Dr. Dement's being selected Chairman of the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research in 1990: "I have been told there are two things I should never know: how sausage is made, and how commissioners are chosen."

On the "clock-in-the-dish" (a tiny cell cluster snipped from the part of the brain responsible for sleep/wake rhythms) now being kept alive and studied in the Stanford sleep laboratory: "Like the old Timex commercial, It takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'."

On trying to describe our dreams after we wake up: "[It's] as if we were, in waking life, casually strolling without a care down the Champs Élysées; suddenly a raucous buzzer plucks us into another world, where, in the dim light of a dream bedroom, a shadowy figure begins a relentless interrogation about what we were just doing in that other (waking) world."

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