Stanford Sleepiness Scale

This is a quick way to assess how alert you are feeling. If it is during the day when you go about your business, ideally you would want a rating of a one. Take into account that most people have two peak times of alertness daily, at about 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Alertness wanes to its lowest point at around 3 p.m.; after that it begins to build again. Rate your alertness at different times during the day. If you go below a three when you should be feeling alert, this is an indication that you have a serious sleep debt and you need more sleep.

An Introspective Measure of Sleepiness
The Stanford Sleepiness Scale (SSS)

Degree of SleepinessScale Rating
Feeling active, vital, alert, or wide awake1
Functioning at high levels, but not at peak; able to concentrate2
Awake, but relaxed; responsive but not fully alert3
Somewhat foggy, let down4
Foggy; losing interest in remaining awake; slowed down5
Sleepy, woozy, fighting sleep; prefer to lie down6
No longer fighting sleep, sleep onset soon; having dream-like thoughts7

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