Yosemite, April 14-17th, 2002

In April of 2002, while many folks were frantically paying taxes, I went to Yosemite where it was unseasonably warm and summer-like when I arrived, then snowed lightly the next morning and was fairly spring-like for two days, then snowed 2" my last night and gave me a bit of winter, so I got to enjoy 3 seasons in 4 days there.

Each 200x300 small picture links to a 1024x683 larger picture.

The Drive in provided several nice shots.

Gee, nobody's ever photographed THIS before, have they?

Beat's the view from the car port any day.

Yosemite Falls were just a short walk from my room at the lodge.

Went for a 4-hour hike around the valley floor.

Didn't stay there, but might someday...

On the trail up to Mirror Lake

And thus the name, "Mirror Lake."

No, I have no idea what it was doing there either.

It snowed, obviously. This is the same picture using the unsaturate command in PhotoShop, which does a poor job of imitating how it would have looked with a real black and white film, which I forgot to bring on this trip.

The view from the parking lot outside my room the day I left.

Heading out.

As I didn't have chains, I had to take Hwy 140 out, and the snow was less at the lower elevations.

Merced River, one last look.

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For the camera nerds who always need to know: Leica M6 ("classic"), 24/2.8, 35/2, 50/2, 90/2.8, Ektachrome Professional E100S. No exposures recorded, never have, probably never will.