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Penelope Eckert
Albert Ray Lang Professor Emerita
108 Margaret Jacks Hall
Department of Linguistics
Stanford University
Stanford CA 94305-2150
Phone: (650) 725-1564
Fax: (650)723-5666
Email: eckert@stanford.edu

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The goal of my research is to understand the social meaning of linguistic variation. In order to do this, I pursue my sociolinguistic work in the context of in-depth ethnographic fieldwork, focusing on the relation between variation, linguistic style, social identity and social practice.

Gender has been the big misunderstood in studies of sociolinguistic variation - in spite of the fact that some of the most exciting intellectual developments over the past decades have been in theories of gender and sexuality ... so I have spent a good deal of time working on language and gender as well.

Since adolescents and preadolescents are the movers and shakers in linguistic change, I concentrate on this age group, and much of my research takes place in schools. The institutional research site has made me think a good deal about learning and education, but particularly about the construction of adolescence in American society.
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