An Invitation to CALL

Foundations of Computer-Assisted Language Learning

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For instructors

You should be aware that this represents my personal view of what can be covered in an introductory CALL course. As it was built from a short (12-16 hour) supplement to an existing TESL/TEFL methodology course, it is necessarily sketchy--broad but shallow. My guiding principle is that students will find a survey course of this type valuable in seeing the range of things that teachers can do with computer technology in support of language learning.

At this time, only a few units have suggested activities, so in most cases you will need to create your own. I plan to add more later.

I should mention that the nature of this course lends itself to being used as a supplementary introduction to a course or course series that will then go into greater detail in selected areas. You are of course free to select only whatever parts that you find most relevant to your own syllabus and CALL philosophy.

If there is anything you find here that you believe is factually wrong, or if you have other suggestions, feel free to let me know (  I don't want the site to get very much larger, but I would be happy to make it better.

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