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Identification of learner profiles and relation to specific CALL activities


Research question:  Is it the case that different learner profiles respond accordingly to various CALL-tools? And if so, how can the flexibility of CALL-applications be increased to optimise learning for all types of learners?

From a technological point of view, almost any language learning tool can be made available to the learner. However, some of these will be more helpful than others. In fact, some of these might only be helpful to a specific type of learner. Hence why, I believe that an effort should be made to (a) identify those different learner profiles (which aspects of language learning discriminate between learners?), (b) help learners with a specific learner profile to select the best CALL-tool for them, (c) look into the possibilities of a more "flexible" CALL. This question can be applied to screen design items but also to content-related issues. All four of the language skills could be concerned.

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