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Comparison of CALL and non-CALL study habits

Background:  Using the computer for additional practice should in theory help them improve their English much faster than only studying once a week.  I think that most students do all their homework the day before or the day of the class rather than studying a little every day.  The computer might help them study every day.  I think that studying every day is better than studying for a large chunk of time once a week.

Research question:  Does CALL encourage students to change their study habits i.e. to get them to study every day for a once a week class?  In other words, will adult foreign language students make time in their schedules to study on their own on the computer every day in addition to a weekly class?  Are students more likely to spread computer study over the week as opposed to traditional homework?  Does this daily study significantly improve their language performance?

Suggested methodology/comments:  Several identical classes, some with CALL homework, some with traditional homework.  Compare study times and habits and performance.

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