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Basic components of CALL research and minimal units of investigation

Background:  Base research on key writings in the last 4 decades producing summary of key concepts for instance establish difference between didacteme and learneme as minimal units of teaching via CALL courseware as against minimal units of verifiable learning, etc…

Research question:  CALL is not yet an established discipline, if it is to turn into a discipline rather than an interdisciplinary field of research endeavour, it needs to start to establish some basic principles, postulates and rules in the same way as linguistics did more than a century ago.  My proposed research question is to establish what the key basic components of CALL research could be, the minimal units of investigation (for an analogy see the phoneme as the minimal distinctive speech sound which underpins any higher area of linguistic investigation).

Suggested methodology/comments:  Good methodology here is paramount, again Linguistics should/could be a good model, one of the key issues in developing a theoretical model for investigation in CALL is to include principles, postulates and research methodology from more established related disciplines (computer science, psychology, design, learning theory, linguistics, SLA, etc…)   

Contact: Philippe Delcloque   p.delcloque@msec.ac.uk

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