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CALL practices integrating ESL learners in primary/secondary school classrooms

Background:  We're seeing an increase in the number of English language learners in elementary, middle, and senior high schools. These students are often mainstreamed into classes before their language skills are adequate. CALL is sometimes seen as an answer to what to do with these children, but it's rarely used in a way that encourages ELLs to feel part of the classroom. Also, schools often have restricted Internet access due to safety concerns, must meet state benchmarks and other requirements for content and student achievement, and rarely have much money.

Research question:   How can teachers of English language learning children (elementary, middle, or high school) use CALL practically and effectively to enhance the learning of these students - and encourage integration of the students into the classroom, not without isolating and ostracizing them?

Suggested methodology/comments:  Case studies? Locating best practices to share.

Contact: Deborah Healey   deborah.healey@orst.edu

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