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Using corpus-informed approaches to support academic writing

Background: I am uncomfortably aware of a lack of research in the effectiveness of corpus informed approaches to language learning and teaching.  Most reported benefits are anecdotal, and I feel there is a significant need for studies which focus on particular categories of learner and the extent to which working with corpus informed approaches impacts their language learning.
I would be interested in the first instance in focusing on students  in  more advanced English for Academic Purposes writing programmes in Higher Education institutions .

Research question: To what extent can corpus-informed approaches to language learning and teaching support the development of EAP students as writers in higher education settings?

Suggested methodology/comments:  Hmmm an approach that I would favour would be longitudinal studies of learners in an EAP setting (interview / journal), alongside detailed analysis of a learner corpus of texts (early and final drafts) produced by the learners before, during, and 6 months after following a corpus informed EAP writing course.  I don't think there would be much value in an experimental model for this kind of research and   I think the main learning points would arise from students' talk and text.

Contact: Dr Christopher Tribble   ctribble@clara.co.uk

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