Teacher Education in CALL

Support Site for Volume 14 in the Language Learning & Language Teaching Series published by John Benjamins.

Edited by Philip Hubbard & Mike Levy

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Teacher Education in CALL – Table of Contents

        Carol A. Chapelle


Part I: Foundations of Teacher Education in CALL

1 - The Scope of CALL Education
        Philip Hubbard and Mike Levy

2 – Assessing CALL Teacher Training: What are We Doing and What Could We Do Better?
        Greg Kessler

3 – Technology Standards for Teacher Education, Credentialing, and Certification
        Kathryn Murphy-Judy and Bonnie L. Youngs

Part II: CALL Degree Programs

4 – Matching Language and IT Skills: The Life-Cycle of an MA Programme
        John Partridge

5 – Reconstructing Practice: Language Teacher Education and ICT
        Diane Slaouti and Gary Motteram

6 –Theory and Practice in Teaching Project-Oriented CALL
        Robert Debski

Part III: CALL Pre-Service Courses

7 – When the Technology Course is Required
        Volker Hegelheimer

8 – Teaching the Creation of Software that Uses Speech Recognition
        Maxine Eskenazi and Jonathan Brown

9 – Developing Computer Competencies for Pre-Service Language Teachers: Is One Course Enough?
        Martine Peters

10 – Learning in Context: Situating Language Teacher Learning in CALL
        Joy Egbert

11 – Training CALL Teachers Online
        Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Part IV: CALL In-Service Projects, Courses, and Workshops

12 – Training for Trainers: Challenges, Outcomes, and Principles of In-Service Training Across the Irish Education System
        Angela Rickard, Franηoise Blin, and Christine Appel

13 – How WebQuests Send Technology to the Background: Scaffolding EFL Teacher Professional Development in CALL
        Chin-chi Chao

14 – Designing and Implementing Collaborative Internet Projects in Siberia
        Larissa Olesova and Christine Foster Meloni

15 – In-Service CALL Education: What Happens After the Course is Over?
        Lillian Wong and Phil Benson

16 – Teacher Preparation for Online Language Instruction
        Christopher M. Jones and Bonnie L. Youngs

Part V: Alternatives to Formal CALL Training

17 – Expert-Novice Teacher Mentoring in Language Learning Technology
        Carla Meskill, Natasha Anthony, Shannon Hilliker-VanStrander, Chi-hua Tseng, and Jieun You

18 – Communities of Practice for Pre- and In-Service Teacher Education
        Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

19 – Training Ourselves to Train Our Students for CALL
        Marinna Kolaitis, Mary Ann Mahoney, Howard Pomann, and Philip Hubbard

20 – Helping Teachers to Help Themselves
        Thomas Robb

CALL Teacher Education Resources and Professional Organizations


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