Most recent blasphemy cases in the US

According to "Blasphemy: verbal offense against the sacred, from Moses to Salman Rushdie" By Leonard Williams Levy the last cluster of cases of blasphemy in the United States were around 1970. The first was a truckdriver arrested in Maryland for disorderly conduct who told the officer, "get your God damn hands off me". The lay magistrate sentenced him to 30 days for blasphemy (technically this was profanity not blasphemy). It was appealed on the grounds the 1723 statute was unconstitutional. The conviction was overturned on first amendment grounds and the overturning upheld when the state appealed (1970). At the same time two high school seniors in Delaware were arrested for blasphemy for printing and selling an unofficial newspaper in which they said Jesus was born a "bastard". As they could not make bail they remained in jail pending trial though after the ACLU intervened they were released and several months later the charges were dropped.

The last case was in 1971 when two Pittsburgh shopkeepers were charged with blasphemy for displaying a poster with the well-known cartoon below on it. The prosecutor asked that the charges be dropped.

[Art Young Jesus Wanted cartoon]

(Image taken from Investigation of Communist activities in the New York City area. Hearings (1951) but the original is from 1917. It was often used by labor groups. I can't be sure it was the same as the shopkeepers were shown (no image in the book I'm using as a source) but the wording is the same. The wording is "Reward for information leading to the apprehension of --- Jesus Christ Wanted -- for Sedition, Criminal Anarchy - Vagrancy, and Conspiring to Overthrow the Established Government. Dresses poorly, said to be a carpenter by trade, ill-nourished, has visionary ideas, associates with common working people the unemployed and bums. Alien - beleived to be a Jew Alias: 'Prince of Peace, Son of Mon'-'Light of the World' etc etc Professional Agitator Red beard, marks on hands and feet the result of injuries inflicted by an angry mob led by respectable citizens and legal authorities.")