Dawson Engler

Dawson Engler

Associate Professor
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Gates Building 3A-314
353 Serra Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-9030

engler WHERE stanford DOM edu

I am a joint EE/CS associate professor. Before that, I was an irresponsible graduate student in Frans Kaashoek's PDOS group at MIT's Lab for Computer Science, where I co-founded the exokernel operating system project, which formed the basis of my thesis work. I now I have my own students, who sometimes listen to me: I am currently looking a few additional students. If you know how to hack, we should meet.

A few awards: Two good recent papers: My research focuses on effective, automatic methods for finding lots of bugs in real code. We have used three main approaches: system-specific static analysis, implementation-level model checking, and most recently, using symbolic execution to automatically generate high-coverage tests. The following papers give a reasonable overview of the first two approaches (the Klee paper above describes that last): This paper describes the main thing I did before bug finding:

Some recent talks

Below are the rest of our papers...

Automatic generation of high-coverage tests.

Software model checking

Using Statistical Analysis for Bug Finding

(Reasonably) generic static analysis for bug finding

Metacompilation (MC)

Exokernel Papers

Dynamic code generation Papers

The following papers discuss several dynamic code generation systems.

Networking papers

The following three papers discuss a network system built on top of the exokernel.