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How the Hookah Pen is Changing Student Smokers for the Better

College students are known for trying new things. In fact, it is during the college years that many young people step outside of their comfort zones and take on more risk. Of course no one is invincible and it isn’t uncommon for students to pick up nasty habits while working towards their degrees. Smoking is one such example.

While the tobacco industry continues to make millions—if not billions—of dollars off its products, there are other companies cropping up as competition. In recent years, there have been strides taken to meet the needs of smokers but without putting their health in jeopardy.

Thanks to the creation of “vapor technology,” e-cigarettes and hookah pens are now becoming more popular than ever with smokers, college smokers included. In the case of the hookah pen, this new spin on a centuries-old pastime has become very appealing to college students.

In the average college towns, it isn’t uncommon to find students lounging in hookah bars near campus. Even Stanford University has one or two hot spots frequented by its students. Indulging in this activity is an effective way for many to combat stress related to school assignments, exams, finals and other college related matters.

However, with hookah pens taking advantage of vapor technology and the instant access to online retailers that sell these products, such as, it won’t take long for student smokers to make the switch from traditional hookah to this new and improved version.

There will always be debate as to whether or not smoking hookah is less harmful or not compared to smoking regular cigarettes. This debate aside, one thing is crystal clear when it comes to hookah pens: it is much healthier.

The use of vapor technology makes it so that when a smoker exhales, all that’s produced is a harmless vapor that isn’t actually smoke. Hookah pens do not promote second-hand smoke, making it safe to use in public, even around non-smokers.

This form of technology also takes the most harmful substances out of the equation altogether: tar, nicotine and tobacco. Although fans of traditional hookah stay faithful to their belief that smoking it is less of a health concern than cigarettes, it’s no question that opting for a version of hookah that has no tobacco, nicotine or tar in it at all is a much better alternative.

But removing these chemicals and substances doesn’t mean student smokers can’t still find pleasure from the act of smoking itself. As with traditional hookah, hookah pens come in a wide range of flavors, which not only taste good but smell good upon exhaling.

As if those benefits aren’t enough to sell the idea of the hookah pen, how about the fact that using this product means no messy ash or stained fingernails? If student smokers are looking for something new to get into, the hookah pen is one of them.