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From Military to Civilian: Moving Tips for College

Bound Service Members

Those with military careers undoubtedly have their fair share of experiences with packing and moving. However, when it comes to preparing to move in order to earn a college degree, there are useful tips available that can make such a transition much smoother and less full of unpleasant surprises.

Free Quotes are the Best Quotes

The beauty of using the Internet to research long distance moving companies is that this method is not only free, it allows for the ability to compare multiple quotes. Although it is rare for anything to be free these days, when looking for the right moving company to hire, stick to sites that promote free quotes and comparisons.

Legit and reputable moving companies are more than happy to provide free quotes for customers so don't be fooled into thinking that you need to pay anything (or anyone) for a site to give you this type of information.

Hire Based on What You Need Specifically

Planning to relocate for college but currently living in another country? Make sure to seek out moving companies that specifically offer international moving services. Not all long distance movers deal with international customers so use that factor to narrow down your choices. It should be stated on the company website what areas they provide service to but if you cannot find that information, send an email inquiry or place a call to their customer service line to find out for sure.

When choosing a company to help you move from overseas, it helps to know exactly what you need to bring back with you. Having such information organized ahead of time will not only lessen the stress that comes with such a move, but can ultimately save you money as well. For example, if you need to transport your vehicle, you may want to look into the possibility of ASWD international car shipping.

Moving companies with this kind of experience know how to move vehicles internationally using the safest and most effective methods.

Factor in Where You'll Be Relocating

The more details a moving company has, the easier it becomes for them to know how to organize and plan your move. Do your research and find out what the area you'll be moving to is like. For example, are you planning on attending school in a metropolitan area like San Francisco? If so, auto transport movers will need to know that they'll be navigating bustling, one-way city streets that don't offer much room.

However, even colleges in areas outside of major cities can be deceiving. Stanford University, for instance, is a huge campus that is located south of San Francisco. But for a person that isn't familiar with the area, they may not realize that the streets and neighborhoods are very compact, with not much room for large trucks. In fact, some streets even prohibit large vehicles over a certain weight limit. Such information is crucial for a successful move.