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Off Campus Activities All College Students Should Try At Least Once

College campuses all have their own appeal, including a diverse student body that is constantly bustling with activities to participate in outside of the classroom. From club organizations and Greek life to the student center, there is no shortage of things for students to get into. Over time, however, these happenings tend to get routine.

Restless students looking into get into something fun and different from the norm certainly have a number of alternatives available to them by stepping off campus and getting out into the surrounding community. Depending on the location of the school, the types of off campus options to choose from vary greatly but could certainly appeal to students from all walks of life.

The most common include indulging in the nightlife: bars, clubs and restaurants. But there is so much more to having a great weekend out aside from these standard choices.

Go Wine Tasting

Why not get away from academic life and enjoy a change of scenery that includes sprawling vineyards and other scenic surroundings? College students that are of drinking age can easily find information about the nearest vineyard online. Many are only a short drive away, making it convenient to schedule a day trip without worrying about finding overnight accommodations.

Contrary to popular belief, not all wine tasting events are expensive. Some offer very affordable prices and there are even free tastings available on select days during the week at certain wineries. Many wine tastings also come with food/snacks and tours of the facilities.

Get a Psychic Reading

Whether you really believe in psychics or not, nothing is more fun than arranging for you and a few friends to get accurate psychic readings. Palm readings, tarot cards and other related activities related to telling the future have become more popular than ever in recent years. There are practicing mediums all across the country that are only a phone call or website visit away.

To really get the full experience, schedule an in-person visit. Psychic reading events and retreats are also held in various locations throughout the year. Fun fact: Stanford University students might be surprised to know that their school was the first academic institution in the U.S. to conduct lab tests to study phenomena like ESP and psychokinesis.

Don’t have access to mediums locally? There is always the option of using a phone psychic.

Attend a Farmer’s Market

A number of college students are all about the organic movement, purchasing food items that haven’t been chemically treated and supporting local growers. Farmer’s Markets are events that truly allow the community to showcase their support and are typically held on a weekly basis during certain months out of the year.

Students looking for something different to get into will have a great time exploring their local Farmer’s Market. In addition to having access to a variety of vendors to buy fresh fruit and vegetables from, these events also host a wide range of family friendly activities, including games, contests and musical entertainment/performances.