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Tips for Finance Majors

Majoring in finance is ideal for students that want to gain the skills needed to pursue a variety of career options in this particular field. Finance is one of a handful of industries with its own category of niches. Popular career options include but are not limited to being a financial consultant, stock broker and financial analyst, to name a few.

However, breaking into the world of finance and trying to secure employment can be challenging. But by using the college years wisely when it comes to gaining the knowledge, training and earning the appropriate degree, there should be no reason why finance majors can’t land their dream job after graduation.

Below are a few useful tips finance majors can benefit from:

Choose the Right Degree Program

It sounds like common sense but it is important to research colleges and universities that offer the specific degree program you’re interested in. While there are general finance degrees out there, if you have a particular career in mind and have looked up the requirements, it’s worth finding out if a more suitable degree in finance is available.

Having a specialized type of degree increases the chances of getting the job of your dreams that you know without a doubt you are qualified for. For example, if your interest lies in numbers as they relate to financial markets, you may want to look into Stanford University’s degree in financial mathematics.

Immerse Yourself in the Culture

The college years provide plenty of time to get well acquainted with the finance industry, how it operates and what makes it tick. If you haven’t done so already, start keeping up with the activities on the stock market. Subscribe to financial blogs and websites that provide up to date information on the various markets.

Familiarize yourself with the heavy hitting companies, as well as the ones poised to be the next “it” choice. Learn why they matter and what financial moves got them to the position they’re in today. Do you know what the Dow Jones index today is? Find out. At any given time, finance majors should know this type of basic information.

Learn the Lingo

Each industry has its own set of vocabulary and mastering the lingo is an effective way of better understanding the world of finance. Taking courses is a surefire method of learning the lingo but it doesn’t hurt to seek out this type of knowledge on your own. The more information you seek about finance, the easier it will be to determine where you fit and what kinds of career options interest you most.

Make Internships a Priority

Internships are always a great opportunity and for finance majors this couldn’t be any more true. The most effective way to find out exactly if you’ve got the chops for a career in finance is to participate in an internship that exposes you to the real world environment. Make sure to choose an internship program that is related to your major and ideal future career choice.