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Principal Investigator

Evan Reed

evanreed _at_

Tel: 650 723 2971

Fax: 650 725 4034

496 Lomita Mall

Stanford, CA 94304


Research Themes

We develop and employ atomistic and other materials modeling techniques aimed at energy applications, ultrafast science, and materials under extreme conditions. Current efforts include graphene electronics/photonics, multi-scale modeling of shock compression, strong THz radiation in materials, and THz acoustic waves.

Research Opportunities

Research opportunities for PhD students and postdocs currently exist. Contact Evan Reed or drop by Durand 133 to chat.

Amino acid containing complexes may form in a shocked comet

Multi-scale simulations reveal that shock compression of comet ice (water + small organic molecules) may generate biologically-relevant molecules. In collaboration with LLNL.

A new ultrafast probe of phase transformations

Molecular dynamics simulations of shock waves in CdSe show that THz frequency electromagnetic radiation can be emitted and used as an ultrafast passive probe of the wurtzite to rocksalt phase transformation. The radiation contains information about the transformation pathway.