Giovanni Campagna

Picture of Giovanni Campagna

I'm a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University.

Contact information

Gates Building, Room 407
353 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA, 94305
, , Twitter: @gcampax Blog: (rarely updated) GPG key

Current projects

I am currently a member of the Mobisocial Computing Lab, working with prof. Monica Lam on the Almond project, an open source privacy aware virtual assistant for IoT and social media.

Code for Almond is available on Github. You can download the Android App on Google Play

Research Interests

  • Programming languages
  • Compilers and runtime systems
  • Program synthesis and code generation
  • Natural language understanding
  • Taking a little bit of everything and making a better whole! 😄


Free Software

I was a developer and a member of the GNOME community from 2011 to about 2015. In the past I was developing GNOME Shell and Mutter, as well as maintaining libgweather and GNOME Weather.