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The Better Wife (1919)

The Better Wife (1919) Clara Kimball Young (i.e. C.K.Y.?) Film Corp. Distributor: Select Pictures Corp. Director: William P.S. Earle. Story: Lenore Coffee. Camera: Arthur Edeson. Art titles: Ferdinand Pinney Earle. Gowns: Lucile (Lady Duff Gordon). Cast: Clara Kimball Young, Edward M. Kimball, Nigel Barrie, Kathlyn Williams, Ben Alexander, Lillian Walker, Barbara Tennant, Irving Cummings. 5 reels. This film is apparently LOST

This was Young's last film released through Select.

Little Dick (Ben Alexander) offers his stepmother a piece of cake. The Better Wife
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Review from Moving Picture World
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Review from Moving Picture World, July 19, 1919

"The Better Wife"
Clara Kimball Young Has Strong Support in Select Picture of Fair Quality.
Reviewed by Edward Weitzel.

Taken from a novel of English life written by Lenora Coffe [sic], and entitled "The Love Quest," this five-part Select picture has been produced under the title of "The Better Wife," with Clara Kimball Young in the leading role. The cast calls for a well-balanced group of actors, which has been supplied in the persons of Nigel Barrie, Lillian Walter, Kathlyn Williams, Irving Cummings, Barbara Tennant, Edward M. Kimball, and little Ben Alexander.

The story is typical of the English society novel, the heroine in this case being an American girl visiting in England, who marries a man of title, after his wife has been killed in an automobile accident, and lives apart from him until he discovers his first wife was false. There is very little action in the story, and the Sir Richard Beverly has been given so few brains by the author that his failure to see through the character of his first wife and to appreciate the worth of his second robs him of the sympathy of the spectator. The plot has hardly any suspense, and the repetition of the scenes at the bedside of the sick child is another weak point. On the production side, it is excellent. It is well acted, and William P.S. Earle has directed it skillfully. Clara Kimball Young makes all that is possible of Charmain Page, the American Girl.


Chairman [sic] Page Clara Kimball Young
Mr. Page Edward M. Kimball
Sir Richard Beverly Nigel Barry
Lady Beverly Kathlyn Williams
Little Dick Ben Alexander
Helen Kingdon Lillian Walker
Mrs. Kingdon Barbara Tennant
Comte de Cheveral Irving Cummings

The Story: "The Better Wife" opens at the English estate of the Kingdons, where Charmain Page, an American girl, is visiting. While strolling through the grounds, she sees a man and a woman meet and embrace. Thinking them a pair of innocent lovers, Charmain is surprised to meet the woman and be introduced to her as Lady Beverly. She also learns that her lover is the Comte de Cheveral. Sir Richard Beverly is greatly in love with his wife, and is hurt at her indifference toward their little son. While returning from a clandestine meeting with the Frenchman, the automobile is wrecked and Lady Beverly killed. Little Dick is also injured, and Charmain herself becomes his nurse.

The American girl has a wealthy father and when she learns that the boy requires a costly operation, and that Sir Richard is without the necessary funds, she gets her parent to furnish the money. The nobleman offers her his name, and being in love with him, she accepts. Still cherishing the memory of his first wife, he continues to live apart from the charming woman who is now his wife. The new Lady Beverly will not tell him the truth about the first wife, but devotes herself to the care of little Dick. One day the truth comes out. Sir Richard comes to his senses, and accept the happiness that is so near him.

Program and Advertising Phrases: The Newest Clara Kimball Young Feature Employs Her Greatest Talents.
Gripping Drama of English Society Life Shows Miss Young at her Best.
Famous English Novel, "The Love Quest," Translated Into Gripping Photodrama.
Clara Kimball Young Has Strong Role in Pulsing Drama of Society.

Advertising Angles: This is the first picture for Miss Young in months. There should be added desire among fans to see her on this account. Call attention to her long vacation and say she is back better and more beautiful than ever. Center your efforts on Miss Young and the fact that she's "here again," and you'll be doing the best you can with your opportunity. Say more about these facts and the star than you do about the play.

Advertising Aids: Two one-sheets, two three-sheets, one six-sheet, one 24-sheet. Window cards, 14x21. Heralds. Lobby display photographs, 8x11, 11x14, 22x28. Slides. Cuts, two one-column, two two-column, one three-column, one one-half column and one two-column cuts of star.

Unidentified reviews

The Better Wife". (Walturdaw.)
Clara Kimball Young in a domestic drama based on the novel The Love Quest," by Lenore Coffee. The story will appeal to people who like sentimental stuff. Edwark Kimball, Nigel Barrie, Kathlyn Williams, Lillian Walker, Barbara Tennant and Irving Cummings are included in an excellent supporting cast.

Clara Kimball Young's "The Better Wife," (Select), is a turgid and slow moving story of a young woman who marries a widower but won't tell of the infidelity of wifey No. 1, even to win the love of her husband. This is not the first appearance of this particular theme of the widower-faithful-to-the-memories-of-the-dear--departed. The cast of "The Better Wife" reads like a reunion of old-timers.

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