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What I Think of Constance / What I Think of Norma

By Norma Talmadge and Constance Talmadge

Movie Magazine, April 1926

These two articles, allegedly by Norma and Constance Talmadge, appeared in 1926. Thanks to Derek Boothroyd for contributing these

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The side-by-side articles start on p. 32 with Norma's article on Constance

P. 33 starts Constance's article on Norma Article What i think of Norma p. 33

The article on Norma continues on p. 85

On p. 86 the article on Norma ends and the one on Constance picks up again. Article What i think of Norma and and What i think of Norma, p. 86

Article What I Thin of Constance p. 87 Article on Constance, continued

And finished up on p. 88. p. 8 and 9

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