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Martha's Vindication (1916)

Martha's Vindication (1916) Fine Arts/Triangle. Directed by Chester and Sidney Franklin. Scenario by Ella Carter Woods. Cast: Norma Talmadge, Seena Owen, Ralph Lewis, Tully Marshall, Charles West, William Hinckley, Francis Carpenter, George Stone, Alice Knowland, Alberta Lee. Edwin Harley, George Pearce, Porter Strong, Josephine Crowell. 5 reels. This film is LOST

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Review from Variety, March 24, 1915


Martha Norma Talmadge
Dorothea Seena Owen
Deacon Hunt Ralph Lewis
Sell Hawkins Tully Marshall
Jennie Hawkins Josephine Crowell
William Burton Charles West
John William Hinckley
Francis Francis Carpenter
George George Stone
The Frump Alice Knowland
The Nurse Alberta Lee
Her Husband Edwin Harley
The Minister George Pearce
Hotel Clerk Porter Strong

Five-part, Fine Arts (Triangle) drama. Good story, well produced and acted with an all-star cast. Girl has lover, who is called away, but intends to come back and marry her. He is killed in railroad accident. Child born. A girl friend carries baby to a former nurse to rear. The betrayed girl marries an estimable man and has another child born in wedlock. Through a series of circumstances appearances are against the friend and she is accused of being mother of the child. For a time, even her own sweetheart is skeptical, especially as the real mother tries to shield herself to the detriment of the one friend she had in time of trouble. No expense was spared in working out the most trivial detail.


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