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Here are assorted pictures of Norma Talmadge that don't fit neatly on any of the other pages in this website. Be sure to also see the biographical article, individual vintage articles and filmography links to individual films for additional pictures. And definitely don't forget The Silent Ladies photo gallery. As well as a fun picture of Norma with Theda Bara from the Chicago Tribune (you may have to scroll down to see it).

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Here are some Lucile costumes provided by Randy Bigham.

Norma Talmadge with a caged bird, in a Lucile-Designed dress which appeared in The Way of a Woman In this charming picture, Norma wears a Lucile-designed gown, which she also wore in the film The Way of a Woman

In this joint portrait with her sister, Constance, Norma is again wearing the same gown. Must have been a favorite! Though colored green in this tinted picture, it was actually a rose color. Constance also wears a Lucile gown. Standing portrait of Norma and Constance Talmadge in Lucile gowns

Norma Talmadge paper dolls from Photoplay, 1919 This page of paper dolls of Norma and her costumes appeared in Photoplay magazine in 1919, under the title Movy-Dols. The pink dress is from The Social Secretary, the Indian costume is from The Heart of Wetona. The caption on the green dress in center says "Norma Talmadge, herself, but this Lucile-designed gown put in an appearance in The Ghosts of Yesterday. At the bottom right is a bathing costume, with the caption:In a Special Creation Which Made a Hit on the Beach." Notice the picture of her pomeranian at the upper right, labelled "Her Favorite." His photo appears on this page"

Here are a bunch of scans which Cleo in Luxembourg very kindly sent! The very last one was contributed by Derek Boothroyd. You can see how popular Norma was as a subject of postcards and cigarette cards. Click thumbnails for larger view

Here are some lovely portraits of Norma (in one with Gilbert Roland) by noted photographer Melbourne Spurr contributed by Scott Jacob.

Here are some scrapbook pages and assorted pictures generously contributed by Joop van Dijk. Click on thumbnails to read or enlarge.

Scrapbook pages on Norma Talmadge's marriage to Dr. Carvel James. These scrapbook clippings relate to Norma and Constance's later life, with an article on Norma's marriage to Dr. Carvel James, her money and property, and Constance's volunteer work at Memorial Cancer Center. The page on the left is in Dutch but had a nice picture of the newlyweds, most on the right are in English. Norma and Constance Talmadge scrapbook pages

Both of these pictures are larger b&w versions of color pictures in the scrapbook pages above, taken at her 1947 wedding. In these, she looks quite drawn, which is not noticable in the color version. She and her husband retired to Las Vegas, and the Hollywood papers no longer mentioned her as being active on the social scene. Two pictures of Norma Talmadge in 1947

Constance Talmadge handwritten letter, 1970 or so, with a picture This letter was written to Mr. Van Dijk by Constance Talmadge, ca. 1970.

This picture appeared in Colleen Moore's book Silent Star, and is a group shot at a Hollywood party. The Talmadge sisters are near the center, just left of the page break, Constance in a pirate hat, Norma in white with her arm across her knee, and Natalie a couple of heads to the left. Moore is in the Dutch costume in the front row on the right. Group shot of film stars at a costume party
Norma Talmadge with Thomas Meighan. Here are two pictures from a photo session with Norma and Constance with Thomas Meighan. Meighan worked at a different studio and had done no films with Norma since 1918, but in Photoplay, Feb. 1926, one of these photos appeared with a caption "uniting again for a production to be filmed in the spring, this time Norma will be simply "His Woman." I don't know how far plans for that film went, but it was never made. Norma and Constance Talmadge with Thomas Meighan
Scrapbook page with Norma and Constance talmadge. At left is another scrapbook page with the Talmadges and others. At right, Norma and Dutch pose at the piano. I do not know if either could actually play. Norma and Constance Talmadge at the piano
AP photo of the 3 Talmadge sisters. Here are two photos from Gary Chapman. On the left, with the caption taken by Associated Press in NY 13 June 1929. "Filmdom's Famous Sister Trio'. On the right, a photo that also appears on his wonderful Delectable Dollies Website , shows Irving Netcher, Norma Talmadge, Rosie Dolly, and Gilbert Roland (left to right) in Cannes, June 1930 Candid of Irving Netcher, Norma Talmadge, Rosie Dolly, and Gilbert Roland  in Cannes, June 1930
. This picture was signed and sent to the late John Morkunas of England, who used to create drawings of film stars that he sent to his favorites. Thanks to Mike Richardson for sending this.
I got this one from Ebay. The caption on back: Compromise de la ac[illegible] Norma Talmadge y George Jessel ... alla divorciada de Joseph Schenck 14 Mayo 1934" The photo has been retouched by outlining the tops of Norma's Eyes, making her look rather like Merle Oberon. .
. Another from Ebay, this is Sally Eilers, Mary Pickford, and Norma Talmadge, taken on July 27, 1945.
. Three nice ones from Ebay, the first is a picture of Norma and Constance in 1938, probably around the time of Constance's appearance on George Jessel's radio program with Norma. The second is a 1935 photo of Jessel with Norma, Natalie and Constance. The third is a picture of Norma taken on a ship arriving in New York on February 15, 1934. . .
Thanks to Donna Hill for this nice picture of Norma and Gilbert Roland .
. From Randy Bigham, "Norma Aids Red Cross" from rom New York Dramatic Mirror, July 14, 1917.
. This illustration by Vargas was on the July 1924 issue of Motion Picture. Thanks to Derek Boothroyd for this and the next bunch.
An ad for Louis Selznick's Select Pictures showing the stars whose films he was releasing. .
. A youthful-looking picture.
This is an advertisement for shampoo. .
. Some sheet music with a cover photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston (thanks to Jane for the identification).
This is from a Vitagraph's Exhibitors Plan Book from 1917 .
. This picture appeared in the December 1924 issue of Photoplay, and is a scene from Within the Law.
A cover from Screenland magazine from December, 1923 .
. Pictures of the sisters as they appeared on two different decks of Moriarty playing cards. For information on this interesting set of cards, see the article on The picture of them paired was in one deck, and another deck had a separate card for each
A pair of cards with Norma and Constance .
. One of a series of "Little Housewife" promotional cards.
Front and back of a "Big Gun" cigarette card .
. A charming Swedish postcard with Norma and Constance
Here are the girls at Constance's third wedding in 1929 .
In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter Norma and Constance had cameos in this lost film
The cover of a Finnish magazine .
. A charming cover of a Brazilian magazine from 1926
A Dutch magazine from 1922 .
. A lovely postcard from 1925 Here's one i picked up on ebay of Norma and her her pomeranian dog Dinky.
In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter To the left is a publicity picture from Dulcy and the snipe on the back. Constance is with Norma's dog Dinky. At the right is a detail of another still from the picture with Dinky on Constance's lap.

Various unidentified clippings, also from Derek

Norma Talmadge receiving a birthday cake on the set of Graustark 2 pictures of Norma Talmadge in late 1910s bathing suits Color drawing of Norma Talmadge on the cover of Motion Picture magazine Norma Talmadge sheet music
Jane identified this
as an Alfred Cheney Johnston
photo that appeared in Motion
Picture Magazine, May 1919
Norma Talmadge and Julia Hoyt Norma Talmadge at the Garden of Allah Clipping of an article on film pioneers Clipping of Norma Talmadge in crinoline dress mentioning the upcoming film Camille
Norma Talmadge wearing a hat an fur wrap, portrait by Marceau British Clipping saying Norma Talmadge will retire after one talkie Norma Talmadge in Checked dress ca. 1923 Clipping of Norma Talmadge in crinoline dress mentioning the upcoming film Camille
Norma Talmadge wearing white dress and pearls and a hat with white feathers across the front Norma Talmadge and Eugene O'Brien at the premier of Secrets Norma Talmadge in a fashion spread modeling furs Clipping of of an article with a picture of Norma Talmadge and Gilbert Roland
Norma Talmadge and Constance, Norma in beach pajamas Clipping: a man is as good as his smile Norma Talmadge and Dutch
From the 1930 publication
Stars of the Photoplay

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