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The Oakland Tribune, October 23, 1923

Girls of Today Fortunate, Declares Star

(A short article which in the Oakland Tribune newspaper. Thanks to William M. Drew for this clipping)

In conversation with a well-known women's leader, Pauline Frederick said: "The girl of today should be capable of realizing her every ambition. Never before, it seems to me, has the world offered such unlimited possibilities to women as it does today. "Literally, one has but to reach out a willing hand to have all the longed for glories tumble in a heap beside one. In every branch of endeavor, drama, art, literature, music, science, or business, women are wanted, needed. And I believe that the present-day woman is more than proving herself able to meet the demand. In spite, too, of the glamour that time has cast upon the lily-faced, wasp-waisted maiden of the past, the modern girl is far more enchanting, far more charming. For she combines with grace of manner, something that every true woman should possess, a virility, a strength of character that makes her at once a better play-fellow and a more understanding companion."

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