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9419 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills. Muriel Elwood's book gives the address as 503 Sunset. Frederick bought this in 1920 or 1921 when it was still a fairly undeveloped part of town. Rudolph Valentino met Jean Acker here (hence the above link to the Valentino Forever site). The home was apparently sold to Irving Thalberg in 1927, and he married Norma Shearer there. Or perhaps they only rented it since Frederick and her mother are here in the 1930 census. This is said to adjoin the Doheney Estate but perhaps that property was larger in earlier years because it is now a couple streets away from Greystone Mansion.. Pauline Frederick's house

23544 Roosevelt Highway, Malibu. This was Frederick's beach house. The road has since been renamed Pacific Coast Highway, but it must have been renumbered as well, since that address does not correspond with the location at Broad Beach near Trancas Canyon. The house was built in the shape of a lighthouse; next door businessman Freeman Ford built a home in the shape of a boat. Both were local landmarks for years. It was also known as the Trancas Lighhouse. Polly's house also had an outdoor patio reminiscent of a stage, with wings and rows of dressing rooms. There are also three better pictures of it on the Huntington Library website (Here's the best of the three, click on the Frederick, Pauline subject heading to get the other two).

905 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills

720 North Maple Drive, Beverly Hills

Muriel Elwood's book indicates that Frederick's mother died at Frederick's Beverly Hills home and that her sister (Frederick's aunt) was still living there in 1940, but i do not know which house that was.

442 S. Roxbury Dr. Beverly Hills. This was the address given on her death certificate as her residence.

No. 82 Berkeley St, Boston. This was Frederick's home when she was born in 1883. Her family then moved to the suburb of Dorchester.

449 Park Avenue, New York City. Frederick lived here with her first husband, Frank Andrews, 1909-1914

213 West 26th St., New York City. This was the site of the Famous Players studio which burned down in 1915 with the recently completed Zaza in the vault.

50 Central Park South, New York City. Frederick and Willard Mack lived here when they were married. Geraldine Farrar and Lou Tellegen were neighbors. The building later became the New York Athletic club, and was torn down when it moved to its present site. The St. Moritz Hotel was built on the site, and it was recently remodeled as the Ritz-Carlton. Frederick and Mack also had a house in Darien, Connecticut.

229 Proctor Avenue in Ogdensburg, NY. Long-time local residents say this was a summer home of Pauline Frederick. Records indicate that her mother, Lauretta E. Frederick owned the house from February 27, 1919 to October 13, 1929. (thanks to John and Ellen Turongian for this info)

10202 Washington Blvd. Culver City. This was the Goldwyn Studios at the time Frederick came here in 1920. It had started life as the Triangle and became MGM in 1924. It is currently known as Sony Pictures Studios.

780 Gower St., Hollywood. This was the Robertson-Cole studios.

Grandview Memorial Cemetery, 1341 Via Glenwood Road Glendale. Frederick is buried here.

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