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These scans come from clippings, so the dates and sometimes source are unknown

Pauline Frederick : "All's Well That Ends Well"

by Carl W. Weitz

Motion Picture Classic, date unknown, incomplete

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Polly's Day at Home - A Chat with Pauline Frederick

by Carol Lee

Motion Picture Classic, date unknown

Article Article Article Article

Pauline Frederick's Local Color

by Jerome Lachenbruch

Photo-Play Journal, January, 1920, p. 13, 52

Article Article

The Charm of Pauline Frederick

by Kathlyn Hayden

Picture Show, March 23, 1929, p. 9


A Pancake Party

by Pauline Frederick

The Picturegoer,February 1930, p. 52


The "Designing" Pauline Frederick

Clothes, Kitchen Gardens and Sweet Charity Keep Her Hands Busy

by Nina Dorothy Gregory

source unknown


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