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Let Not Man Put Asunder (1924)

Let Not Man Put Asunder (1924) Vitagraph Co. of America. Director: J. Stuart Blackton. Scenario: Charles Gaskill. Cast: Pauline Frederick, Lou Tellegen, Leslie Austen, Helena D'Algy, Pauline Neff, Violet De Barros, Maurice Costello, Martha Petelle, Gladys Frazin, Homer Lynn. 5-6 reels. This film appears to be LOST

The New York Times critic also gave this a bad review. The most notable thing about the film was the story that Frederick told of Lou Tellegen--not a native English speaker--took Frederick aside after a few days shooting to ask her to explain what "a Sunder" was.

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Pictures (and captions) from the Photoplay novel

Let Not Man Put Asunder by Basil King. New York Grosset & Dunlap, copyright 1901

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Frontispiece Lou Tellegen as Lechmere and Helen D'Algy as his wife, Felicia Picture 1 Harry Vassall (Leslie Ansten) and Petrina Faneuil (Pauline Frederick) announce their engagement.
picture 2 The meeting between Dick Lechmere (Lou Tellegen) and Feliciade Proney (Helena D'Algy} picture 3 "What am I making of myself," Petrina asked herself, "I must be mad, for I am Lechmere's wife!"
picture 4 Petrina dines with Felicia in spite of the protest of her husband, Harry Vassall. picture 5 Tne New Year's Eve party was the sensation of the social season.
picture 6 Dick Lechmere (Lou Tellegen) and Petria Faneuil (Pauline Frederick) marry. picture 7 Dick learns that Felicia will die and Petrina wonders what their future will be.

Review from Photoplay

April 1924

Probably one of the worst pictures that was ever put together--even though it does bring Pauline Frederick and Lou Tellegen back to the screen. Poor direction, over-acting and an inexcusably bad story. Marriages and divorces follow each other in rapid succession, and even double deaths do not disconcert the continuity writer. When this comes to your local theater spend the evening at home with the radio and the kiddies.

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