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Elsie Ferguson

Elsie Ferguson is our lost diva. Known as the "Aristocrat of the Screen," she was a popular stage equally popular film star--Photoplay Magazine even joked of her "how dare you sir" expressions. But she is destined to remain a mysterious figure to modern audiences, as all of her silents but one have been lost. A copy of her 1919 film Witness for the Defense exists in Gosfilmofond in Moscow. A print of Forever (1921), with Wallace Reid, was given by Reid's widow to a proposed museum in Hollywood, but when the museum collection was dispersed, the film had disappeared. It can only be hoped that one day the print will show up. Her one talkie, Scarlet Pages (1930) airs occasionally on TCM.

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Films Available on Video

Scarlet Pages (1930)
Available from The Warner Archive
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