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Corinne Griffith

Delicately beautiful Corinne Griffith, known as "the Orchid Lady" of the screen, is little remembered today, but she was a major star with a lengthy career. She was a versatile performer, at home in both drama and sophisticated comedy. Most of her few remaining films are not widely available, but her beautifully photographed film, The Divine Lady (1929), has played on television, and she is a memorably radiant Lady Hamilton. A condensed version of The Garden of Eden was shown the Silents Please series, now also available on video. Though talkies ended her career, she was very wealthy and remained an active, if eccentric, woman. She wrote novels and was for many years the doyenne of the Washington Redskins though her marriage to George Preston Marshall (as well as writing the lyrics to their fight song). One of her books was turned into the film Papa's Delicate Condition (1963)

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