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Pola Negri is most famous for her annoying publicity--her hysterical scene-stealing at Valentino's funeral and her supposed feud with Gloria Swanson alienated her public, and the American fan magazines had it in for her from the moment she entered Hollywood. All this has obscured the fact that she was a superb actress with a body of excellent films to her credit.

Beginning in Polish films, she became an international star of the German cinema, appearing most notably in the films of Ernst Lubitsch. Pola was not a conventional beauty, and her earthy character and uninhibited acting was something new in films. Hollywood claimed her and tried to glamorize her, but beneath her now haughty and often witty exterior lurked naked emotions, threatening to burst out when the going got rough.

Pola Negri is surely one of the joys of silent film.

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Silent Films Available on Video

Czarna ksiazka (US: The Yellow Ticket) (1915)
Available from A private collector
Carmen (US: Gypsy Blood) (1918)
Available from Grapevine Video (DVD)
Die Augen der Mumie Ma (1918)
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Madame DuBarry (US: Passion) (1919)
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Sumurun (US: One Arabian Night)(1920)
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Die Bergkatze(1921)
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The Spanish Dancer (1923)
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Woman of the World (1925)
Available from Grapevine Video (DVD)
Hotel Imperial (1927)
Available from Grapevine Video (DVD)
The Woman he Scorned (1927)
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“Pola Negri: Life is a Dream in Cinema, a documentary on Negri by Mariusz Kotowski
Available from Bright Shining City--the site includes a great trailer for the film.

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