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Anita Stewart

Anita Stewart, if she is remembered at all today, is known only for being the star that helped Louis B. Mayer launch his film career, as well as being the subject of a landmark law suit when she broke her Vitagraph contract to sign with him. Little more is ever said about her, and she has only one short and one feature film available on video--too little to get a reliable impression of what she was like as a screen personality. Yet she was a star name for nearly two decades, retiring when talkies came in without every trying her hand at the medium.

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Stewart speaks a couple of lines in this Hollywood of Parade episode at about 2:50 in.

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Silent Films Available on Video

Whispering Wires (1926)
available from Bill Sprague
The Web (1913)
available on the tape "The Films of Vitagraph" formerly available from Grapevine Video

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