Wedding Limericks


Written by Mandy Phillips
Performed by Amber Jarve, Julie Kinkennon, Becky Paulzine, and Mandy Phillips on July 2, 2006

One day in a land we call Stanford
Of beauty and brains a young man heard
Said the guy named Sunil,
"This girl Gopi, I feel
Could be just the one that I've planned fer."

So they started to go out on dates
And it seemed they were sealing their fates
Both liked garbas and eating
And running and reading
Perhaps they had found their soul mates.

As the next year or so quickly passed
It was clear they were having a blast
"Oh my gosh," Sunil said,
"I think we should wed,
And it's just about time that I asked."

So he took her up in a balloon.
"So early?" she thought. "What a loon!
It's five in the morning!
I'd rather be snoring!"
But the next words he said made her swoon:

"You're the loveliest girl in the land
And you study supply and demand.
You're so very smart
And you've stolen my heart
So I wonder, can I have your hand?"

"Are you crazy?" she said with surprise.
"I cannot believe my own eyes!
That's a really nice ring
And you make my heart sing
I feel like I've just won a prize!"

So the plans for the wedding began
For Gopi and her physics man.
"This is crazy," thought Gopi.
"I'd rather elopey.
But my friends would be mad if I ran."

Then they traveled and plotted and planned
To make their day special and grand
On a day in July
So hot you could cry
They'd finally exchange wedding bands.

And so here we are all today
And we just want to tell you "Hooray!
We're so happy for you
And we love you both, too
And we wish you the best on your way."