My name is Gurbir Dhillon. I am a PhD student in math at Stanford interested in representation theory. Here is my CV.

My co-advisers are Zhiwei Yun at MIT and Daniel Bump at Stanford.

Email: gsd[at]stanford[dot]edu.



  1. Semi-infinite cohomology and the linkage principle for W-algebras.
  2. The tamely ramified Fundamental Local Equivalence at integral level. Joint with J. Campbell.
  3. Faces of highest weight modules and the universal Weyl polyhedron. Advances in Mathematics, joint with A. Khare.
  4. Characters of highest weight modules and integrability. Joint with A. Khare.
  5. The Weyl-Kac weight formula. Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, joint with A. Khare.
  6. Bernstein-Gelfand-Gelfand resolutions and the constructible t-structure.
  7. Opers, canonical forms, and the crystal raising operator.
  8. Extensions of Verma modules in dihedral Category O . Joint with V. Makam.