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The High Temperature Gasdynamics Lab

USC Combustion Chemistry Model Site

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Recent Publications

Imaging nano carbon materials – tiniest soot particles in flames are not structurally homogeneous

Kinetics of catalytic oxidation of methane over palladium oxide by wire microcalorimetry

On potential energy landscape and combustion chemistry modeling

Mesoporous titania films prepared by flame stabilized on a rotating surface-Application in dye sensitized solar cells

Tunneling in hydrogen transfer isomerization of n-alkyl radical

Nanoporous titania gas sensing films prepared in a premixed stagnation flame

The method of uncertainty quantification and minimization using polynomial chaos expansions

Internal structure, hygroscopic and reactive properties of mixed sodium methanesulfonate—sodium chloride particles

Formation of nascent soot and other condensed-phase materials in flames

Micro-FTIR study of soot chemical composition - evidence of aliphatic hydrocarbons on nascent soot surfaces

Products of the benzene + O(3P) reaction


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