Language and Literacy
Frequently Asked Questions about Second Language Acquistion Theory
by Elizabeth Pang and H. Samy Alim  *(student page)
Critical Evidence:
A Test of the Critical Period Hypothesis for Second Language Acquisition, by Kenji Hakuta, Ellen Bialystok, and Edward Wiley (2001)
BICS and CALP: Clarifying the Distinction, by Jim Cummins (1999). From Jim Cummins Website. Brain Research: Implications for Second Language Learning, by Fred Genesee (2000) (ERIC Digest)
Krashen and Terrell’s “Natural Approach”  by Ken Romeo
A critique of Krashen's Monitor Model  *(student page)
How Long Does It Take English Learners to Attain Proficiency?, by Kenji Hakuta, Yuko Goto Butler and Daria Witt (2000) (PDF format) Language Learning Strategies: An Update, Rebecca Oxford (1994) (ERIC Digest) Language Specific Prediction in Foreign Language Learning, by Brian MacWhinney (1996) (PDF Format).  From Brian MacWhinney's Website.
Myths and Misconceptions about Second Language Learning: What Every Teacher Needs to Unlearn, by Barry McLaughlin (1992) Second Language Acquisition Theory and Practice - *(student page) a summary Teresa Pica's 1994 article which addresses some of the questions that teachers have about language learning. Questions addressed:
1.In what ways does knowing one language help or hinder the learning of a second? 
2.Which is more helpful to learning: comprehension or production? 
3.Should students drill and practice new forms and structures? 
4.How effective is group work as an aid to L2 learning? 
5.What can be done to encourage participation among students who seldom ask questions or initiate interaction? 
6.How much attention should be given to explicit grammar instruction? 
7.To what extent does error correction assist the L2 learner? 
8.How necessary to learning another language is the learner’s cultural integration? 
9.Why do some students have less accurate pronunciation than others, and what can be done about this? 
10.What can be done for L2 learners who seem to have reached a plateau in their learning? 
Fostering Second Language Development in Young Children: Principles and Practices, Barry McLaughlin (1995)
Literacy Sites:
Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement
The National Reading Panel - Free materials can be ordered
International Reading Association
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
The Children’s Literature Web Guide
Literacy Papers:
The Transfer of Skills from Spanish to English: A Study of Young Learners (2001) [summary]  -  [full report (PDF file)]
by Diane August, Margarita Calderon and Maria Carlo
Using Reading Strategies as a Route to Making Meaning for Secondary ESOL Students by Dr. Susanne I. Lapp and Dr. Timothy Rodriquez (1996)
Establishing a Writing Workshop Classroom for English Language Learners by Mary Barret (1997)
Scaffold for School-Home Collaboration: Enhancing Reading and Language Development by Ji-Mei Chang (2001)

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