Do states have standards in English language development?


The state has created curriculum frameworks for districts to follow for each major subject area and grade level, including standards for English language learners. These frameworks outline what students should know in each subject area by the time they complete each grade level.


California's Standards and Assessment for English Language Development, published in both Spanish and English and set of questions and answers about ELD standards.  (You need acrobat reader to view these files.)


The Texas Education Code, Chapter 29. Scroll down to Subchapter B, which outlines the state policy regarding enrollment, instruction, facilities, and accountability for bilingual education and ESL programs.
A basic description of Texas' state standards. It contains an extensive list of the different standards for English Language Arts and Reading, for Spanish Language Arts and for English as a Second Language. The standards are presented in chart form illustrating the different standards for each of these three language arts categories for grades K-8.
A brief description of Texas state standards for ELD students by individual subject areas such as fine arts, language arts, social studies, etc.
Look under "hb sec6.doc" for most pertinent document. This discusses the specific responsibilities of district personnel, enrollment and withdrawal procedures, special rules, documentation to prove bilingual/ ESL eligibility, tips for quality control of bilingual/ ESL attendance data, and examples. This is a dense but solid website.
Look under "Bilingual Education" for most pertinent information. This is the official, 24-page reference guide for how to be accountable for bilingual education, including required program elements.


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