Avalon Foundation Professor of Humanities Emeritus
Stanford University

Curriculum Vitae
Dogstory: A Memoir in Hypertext
Some Recent Writings:
Arts in the Brain: Or What Might Neuroscience Tell Us? (2010)
Being in the Humanities: A Brief Career History (talk given to Stanford emeriti, 2010)
A Brief Consumers' History of Opera (from Situating Opera, 2010)
Repositioning: Stages of Shoah-Consciousness (final chapter of One Family's Shoah, 2013)
Stravinsky, Auden and the Mid-Century Modernism of The Rake's Progress (2016)
Conversation on Architecture from Aesthetics of Discomfort (2016)



Miss Cramm: An Opera Play
Lear and Cordelia at Home: Theme and Variations