Greece’s sacrifices during World War II



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List of total damages suffered by Greece in consequence of the War


The position of Greece in the Mediterranean

Chart of altitudes

Distribution of the population in urban and rural in 1940

Land and sea communications

Air lines in 1940




The Italian aggression

The Greek counter-offensive

German attack A

German attack B

German attack C

The first phase of occupation

The dismemberment of the country

Second phase of the occupation



Diminution of cultivation and of the average agricultural production

Annual agricultural production during the occupation, 1941–44

Drop in exports of main kinds of ore during the occupation

Fall in imports and exports 1941–43

Import of livestock during the occupation

Reduction of beasts of burden during the occupation

Sheep, goats, pigs and poultry reduction during the occupation

The destruction of forests during the occupation


Damage to the road net

The destruction of bridges of the road net

Loss of cars during the occupation

Destruction of railway bridges, tunnels, etc.

Loss of rolling-stock

Railway map

The destruction of the harbours of Greece

The destruction of the principal harbours (Piraeus, Salonica)

Merchant marine losses during the war till April 1945

Losses of sailing vessels

Losses of the merchant marine

Damage to the telephone and telegraph network

Damage to hydraulic works


Damage from bombings





Burned villages


General chart of destructions

Total of damage to buildings


Inflation during the occupation

Rise of price index during the occupation of 1941–44

Relation of price index to wages and salaries

Daily consumption of food

Diet in calories

The diet of the average working class family in Athens

Rise in mortality during the occupation

Deaths listed according to age and sex

General decrease of population

The massacres of Kalavryta

Massacres of Distomo

Movement of populations A

Movement of populations, migrations

Flight from the Bulgarians

Tremendous fall in population

Housing problem